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Uh-Oh, You Screamed For Ice Cream

Starts: 11-Aug-2014

If you gorged at Ice Cream Fest, we can't really blame you. (It's ice cream, hello.) But have you ever eaten a whole bunch of something and then found you couldn't stop craving it? Watch what happens one or two days after Ice Cream Fest. It will start with an innocent pint at the grocery store—just an impulse buy. Then, before you know it, it becomes a half-gallon-a-day necessity. Don't let this happen to you!


Cutting refined sugars and eating nutrient-rich fresh vegetables and fruits for 3 days is enough to reset the hypothalamus so you don't jones for sweets. And since our cleanses taste so good, it's pretty painless. You know what's not painless? Brain freeze. 

Image Source: A Robot's Ice Cream by Michael Murdock

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